Men’s Residential Recovery Program

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Its founding program – the Men’s Residential Recovery Center – today offers hope and recovery for men with drug and alcohol additions. The eight-month long residential program welcomes any man who is truly seeking to change his life, and offers both physical and spiritual renewal through a Christ-centered approach.

The Mens Recovery Program is staffed by men who have come through addictions themselves and are now giving back.  Like the men in the program, they learned to overcome addiction through the power of the cross and now uses that knowledge to help other men overcome their life controlling issues.

The men who come in off the street are offered a bed, a meal and a hand up.  The program is supported by food donations from local grocery stores and restaurants as well as private donors.  The men not only have a safe place to recover, a place to lay their head, food to strengthen their bodies  and the spiritual food that is the Word of God to nourish their souls.

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